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2018 Belgian BJJ Championships

April 7, 2018 @ 7:30 am
Sporthal Hekers
Ter Linden 29
9052 Gent
Chris Carlino
(972) 979-9762

Important Tournament Links

Rules | Competitor List | Brackets | Schedule | Results | Photos


Important Dates

  • Early Registration Deadline – Monday 3/26/2018
  • Late Registration Deadline – Monday 4/2/2018
  • Competitor Correction Deadline – Monday 4/2/2018
  • Brackets Release Date – Tuesday 4/3/2018
  • Bracket Correction Deadline By Instructor – Wednesday 4/4/2018 by 24:00
  • Schedule Release Date – Friday 4/6/2018


  • Early registration – €65 for your first division.
  • Late registration – €85 for your first division.
  • Additional divisions – €20 for each additional division.
  • Spectators – Free

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our General Rules and Competition Guidelines. This rule book gives detailed explanations on: available divisions, weight classes, legal/illegal techniques, scoring, disqualifications, hygiene standards, and uniform guidelines.

Tiny Kids (4-6) are 1/2 off and Black belts compete for free at this tournament. Please register like normal and stop when you reach the PayPal page. The registration website will allow you to pay for the registration if you enter in your credit card information. Store purchases (shirts/spectator tickets) are not free with your registration.

Competitor List
Competitor List


Doors open at 9:00. All competitors need to stop at the check in table before competing to pick up your weight card.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

10:00 – Kids NoGi , Kids Gi, Women’s NoGi, Men’s NoGi
Mat 1- Pro Teen Middle Boy, Yellow Pre Teen Heavy Boy, White Teen Super Heavy Boy, White Teen Medium Heavy Boy, Green Teen Middle Boy, White Pre Teen Middle Boy, White Pre Teen Feather Boy, Pro Pre Teen Heavy Boy, Yellow Teen Ultra Heavy Boy, Grey Kids Feather Boy, White Teen Super Ultra Heavy Boy, Female Beginner Light Feather Masters, Female Novice Middle Adult
Mat 2- Female Pro Feather Adult, Male Pro Feather Masters, Male Pro Light Adult, Male Pro Medium Heavy Adult, Male Pro Super Heavy Adult
Mat 3- Male Pro Feather Adult, Male Advanced Middle Adult, Male Advanced Feather Adult,
Mat 4- Male Intermediate Light Adult, Male Intermediate Middle Adult, Male Intermediate Medium Heavy Masters

11:00 – Men’s NoGi
Mat 1- Males Beginner Light Adult
Mat 2- Male Novice Heavy Adult, Male Beginner Feather Adult, Male Intermediate Light Feather Adult
Mat 3- Male Intermediate Feather Adult
Mat 4- Male Advanced Light Adult

11:30 – NoGi Absolute
Mat 1- Pro Masters Men
Mat 2- Pro Adult Men
Mat 3- Intermediate Adult Men
Mat 4- Advanced Masters Men, Beginner Adult Men

12:00 – Men’s Gi, Women’s Gi
Mat 1- Male Black Medium Heavy Masters, Male Black Feather Masters, Male Purple Medium Heavy Seniors, Male Purple Medium Heavy Adult, Male Purple Light Seniors, Male Purple Feather Masters, Male Purple Feather Adult, Male Brown Medium Heavy Seniors
Mat 2- Male White Light Feather Adult, Female White Feather Adult, Female White Middle Adult, Female Purple Light Adult, Female Brown and Black Feather Adult
Mat 3 – Male White Medium Heavy Masters, Male White Middle Masters, Male Blue Feather Masters, Male Blue Middle Seniors, Male Blue Medium Heavy Adult
Mat 4- Male White Feather Masters, Male Blue Light Adult, Male Blue Middle Adult, Male Blue Super Heavy Adult

13:00 – Men’s Gi
Mat 1- Male Blue Feather Adult
Mat 2- Male White Light Adult
Mat 3- Male White Middle Adult, Male White Feather Adult
Mat 4- Male Blue Light Feather Adult, Male White Feather Seniors

13:30 – Gi Absolute
Mat 1- Purple Adult Men
Mat 2- Blue Masters Men, Brown Seniors Men,
Mat 3- Blue Adult Men, Black Masters Men,
Mat 4- White Masters Men, White Adult Men, Purple Adult Women



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