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2014 Oklahoma State BJJ Championships

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March 29, 2014 @ 8:00 pm – March 30, 2014 @ 6:00 am
The Cube
7903 Northwest 30th Street
Bethany, OK 73008
Chris Carlino
(972) 979-9762
Oklahoma State BJJ Championships 2014


The 2014 tournament season continues with our 3rd annual Oklahoma State BJJ Championships. This year, the Oklahoma State BJJ Championships will be hosted at The Cube, in Bethany, OK on March 29th.

This is a gi and no gi tournament for competitors of all ages.

Due to our tremendous growth this past season and popular demand, we will be offering a Senior division (40+) for both male and female competitors.

Registration Pricing

  • Early registration deadline – March 17th at midnight.  The cost is $45 for your first division, and $20 for each additional division.
  • Late registration deadline – March 24th at midnight.  The cost is $65 for your first division, and $20 for each additional division.

There will be no day of registrations allowed.

Black belt competitors are always free!


Weigh -ins are on the day of the tournament and are right before you are scheduled to compete.  If you are competing in both Gi and No Gi divisions, you will be given a weight card when checking in at the tournament. You will turn this weight card in to the ring coordinator when your name is called. The ring coordinator will take the weight card and record your weight on your weight card and hand it back to you. You will need to keep this weight card and hand it back to the coordinator when you are called to weigh-in again. If you lose your weight card, then you will be required to weigh-in again.

Uniform Requirements


  • Must be a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi.
  • Competitor’s gi can be of any color, however the top and bottom must match.
  • Competitor is allowed to wear a rash guard under their gi.

No Gi

  • Competitor must wear a rash guard.  No t-shirts allowed.
  • Shorts cannot have pockets or metal grommets.
  • Tops and bottoms do not need to match.
  • Tops do not need to be ranked.

Competitor List

2014 Oklahoma State BJJ Championships Competitor List


2014 Oklahoma State BJJ Championships Brackets


Doors Open

We encourage all 9:30am competitors to arrive as early as possible to avoid the rush and be here for the 9:00am weigh in’s.

Ref Course

All 9:30am competitors report to the Weigh ins and Ring Coordinator

9:30am Starts Gi Kids
Ring 1-Wht No Subs, Tiny Kid
Ring 2-Wht Kids
Ring 3-Wht Kids
Ring 4-Wht Kids-Pre
Ring 5-Wht Pre
Ring 6-Wht Pre-Teen
Ring 7-Gry Tiny-Kids
Ring 8-Gry Kids

Ring 1-Gry Pre-Yel Pre
Ring 2-Yel Pre-Teen
Ring 3-Yel Teen
Ring 4-Org
Ring 5-Grn, Juvi Gi
Ring 6-Wom Wht
Ring 7-Wom Wht
Ring 8-Wom Blu-Prp

11:30am Starts Nogi Kids
Ring 1-Nov Tiny-Kids
Ring 2-Nov Kids-Pre
Ring 3-Nov Pre-Teen
Ring 4-Beg Tny-Kids
Ring 5-Beg Kids, Teen
Ring 6-Beg Kids-Pre
Ring 7-Beg Pre-Int Kids
Ring 8-Int Pre-Teen

Ring 1-Int Teen
Ring 2-Adv Kids-Pro Pre
Ring 3-Pro Teen
Ring 4-Juvi Nogi, Wom Nogi
Ring 5-Wom Nogi
Ring 6-Wom Nogi
Ring 7-Mas Pro Open, Mas Beg Open
Ring 8-Wht Men Open

Ring 1-Wht Fth
Ring 2-Wht Lht
Ring 3-Wht Roo-Mid
Ring 4-Wht Mdh-Hvy
Ring 5-Wht Sup-Ultra
Ring 6-Blu Fth, Sup
Ring 7-Blu Lht, Blk Lht
Ring 8-Blu Mdh-Hvy

Ring 1-Blu Ultra, Prp Lf-Lht
Ring 2-Prp Fth, Mid
Ring 3-Prp Mdh, Blk Mas Open, Blu Sen Open
Ring 4-Mas Wht-Prp Open
Ring 5-Wht Wom Open, Juvi Open, Mas Wht, Sen Wht Hvy
Ring 6-Mas Wht
Ring 7-Mas Wht-Blu
Ring 8-Mas Blu-Prp

Ring 1-Mas Wht & Prp
Ring 2-Mas Blu-Blk
Ring 3-Nogi Men Beg
Ring 4-Nogi Men Beg
Ring 5-Nogi Men Beg-Int
Ring 6-Nogi Men Int
Ring 7-Nogi Men Beg-Int
Ring 8-Nogi Men Adv-Int

Ring 1-Nogi Mas-Sen Beg
Ring 2-Nogi Mas-Sen Beg-Adv
Ring 3-Nogi Mas-Sen Adv-Pro
Ring 4-Nogi Mas Adv, Wom Nogi Open
Ring 5-Nogi Men Adv-Pro
Ring 6-Nogi Men Adv-Pro
Ring 7-Nogi Men Pro
Ring 8-Nogi Men Pro

Ring 1-Nogi Men Beg Open, Blu Open
Ring 2-Nogi Men Adv Open, Prp Open
Ring 3-Nogi Men Int & Pro Open

Overall Team Totals

1st Place – Lovato BJJ (373 points)
2nd Place – Triton Fight Center (290)
3rd Place – Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy (170)
American Elite MMA (137)
Guetho Texas (116)
Clinch Martial Arts Academy (113)
Sandro Sampaio BJJ Academy (88)
BQuick JJ (82)
Inferno Fitness (77)
Open Door Academy (76)
Apex Martial Arts (65)
Elite Training Center Academy (62)
Laselva MMA (51)
Ryan BJJ (46)
Elite Combat Systems (45)
Paragon BJJ (Dallas) (45)
Kansas City BJJ (44)
The Factory (43)
Conquest Martial Arts (42)
Olympus MMA (41)
Plainview Jiu Jitsu (39)
Defiant Martial Arts (36)
United Martial Arts (Edmond) (36)
Academy of Martial Arts (34)
Team Impact (31)
UFC Gym (Fayetteville) (31)
American Top Team (28)
Freestyle Fitness Center (28)
Oklahoma Combat Sport (27)
Combate Xtreme MMA Academy (24)
Ouachita Mountain Martial Arts (24)
Living Defense Martial Arts (22)
American Top Team Altitude (21)
Flux MMA (21)
Spike 22 Academy AR (21)
Thunderfoot Bailey’s (20)
Redline Jiu Jitsu (19)
iQ Athletics (18)
Perez Martial Arts Academy (18)
Team Link (18)
United Martial Sciences/Peçanha Nova (18)
3 Feathers MMA (13)
Extreme Martial Arts (13)
World Class Fighting (13)
Falls Town Fighting Club (12)
Native Way Grappling (12)
Star BJJ (10)
The Hard Road Gym (10)
The Pit MMA (10)
AMMA (9)
Hooligan’s Boxing and MMA (9)
Oklahoma Fight Club (9)
Ultimate Performance Complex (9)
Fight Time Fitness (6)
Gravitas MMA (6)
Red Dirt Dojo (6)
Zombie BJJ (6)
Ouachita Martial Arts Academy (5)
San Soo (Tulsa) (5)
Texoma Fight Academy (4)
Titan Martial Arts (4)
Conan’s Academy (3)
Grapplers For Christ (3)
Morton MMA (3)
Plainsmen Wrestling (3)
Team Silverback (3)
The Farm BJJ (Werdum Combat Team) (3)
Thunderkick Fitness (3)
West Side MMA (Little Rock) (3)
Gracie Jiu Jitsu (Tulsa) (2)
North Dallas BJJ (2)
Trinity Martial Arts (Tulsa) (2)
Red River BJJ (1)
Relson Gracie (Austin) (1)
USA Stars (1)

Divisional Results

Gi Adult Divisions

1st Place – Lovato BJJ
2nd Place – American Elite MMA
3rd Place – Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy

No Gi Adult Divisions

1st Place – Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy
2nd Place – Clinch Martial Arts Academy
3rd Place – Triton Fight Center

Gi Kids Divisions

1st Place – Lovato BJJ
2nd Place – Triton Fight Center
3rd Place – American Elite MMA

No Gi Kids Divisions

1st Place – Lovato BJJ
2nd Place – Triton Fight Center
3rd Place – Elite Training Center Academy

Kids Divisions
Women’s Divisions
Men’s Divisions
Misc Shots

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