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The American Grappling Federation (AGF) has it’s own unique ruleset. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our tournament’s rules.

The full rulebook can be downloaded here:
American Grappling Federation Rulebook
Revised: July 2018

What’s new in 2018

We’ve made quite a few changes this year to our rules. Here’s what’s changed:

  • We changed the experience ranges for Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro divisions. Intermediate is now 1-3 years, Advanced is 3-5 years, and Pro is now 5+ years. This affects everyone competing in No Gi.
  • Cups are no longer allowed while competing.
  • More detailed explanations for sweeps, take downs, guard pulls, and guard passes.

Weighing In

Weigh ins for kids are conducted as soon as the doors open. Competitors will need to first pick up their weight card from the weight card table prior to reporting to the scales.

Adults are able to weigh in as early as they like as long as there are no kids currently in line.

Competitors competing in both gi and no gi divisions will only be required to weigh in once.

Competitors competing in the gi are NOT required to weigh in with the gi on.

All competitors are given a 1 lb weight allowance.

Team Points

Points are awarded based on competitor results.
First place – 9 points
Second place – 3 points
Third place – 1 point

Team points are added up to determine winners for the following:
Kids No Gi Division
Kids Gi Division
Adult No Gi Division
Adult Gi Division
Overall Tournament Winner

Team trophies are awarded for First, Second and Third place as well as the Overall Tournament Winner.

Tie Breaker

In case of a tie for team points, the following tie breaker will be enforced:
1. Most number of gold medals
2. Most number of silver medals
3. Higher belt rank champion
4. Heavier weight class of champion